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Any legal case requires skilled negotiation backed by an understanding of the fundamental commercial principles that are important to the process.


For us that means sitting down with our client at an early stage to assess risk and map out likely outcomes, recommending and managing strategic partners and ensuring the lines of communication are always open.


Our skills and experience have been tested by high profile disputes arising from the city's regeneration, and over the past seven years our case load has grown from a focus on property transactions and disputes to a more diverse legal offer.


We have built good relationships with strategic partners so that, if necessary, we can deliver projects in partnership with others no matter the size of the transaction or case and the clients who choose to instruct us.

Employment Law
Employment Law


Businesses need to keep up to date with their rights and obligations to avoid uncertainty and promote agreement. Where dispute cannot be avoided or redundancy or termination is unavoidable then we can advise employers on how to proceed to protect their interests.


This is necessary and cost effective during a period of increasingly difficult economic and trading conditions for businesses.  We advise on rights and commpensation issues for employers.

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