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Philip Rees-Roberts




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Business Law


We advise clients, from owner managed SMEs to listed companies, on all their commercial law needs including:


  • Restructuring & Insolvency

  • Sales, Acquisition & Mergers

  • Contracts, Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements

  • Joint Ventures

  • Successions in Family Companies


Whilst businesses wish to avoid incurring uneccessary legal costs when setting up new ventures, our approach is that all agreements must be properly thought through and documented before all parties are legally and financially committed.


This discussion in a formal legal context enables the parties to consider potential outcomes, for example, what will happen to the shares of outgoing shareholders (wishing to sell, retire, ceasing to be a director or an employee) and how this affects the existing shareholders.


In our experience new ventures have a better chance of succeeding (and avoiding disputes) as a result of following this due diligence through legal hands. This is the case even where the parties are existing partners or connected through other businesses.


A thorough appraisal of what is required and expected from both parties under various trading scenarios sets up the business in the correct manner. This is not only common sense but in our experience always makes practical sense.


This does not necessarily have to be an expensive exercise and should be factored into the set-up costs after a fixed legal fee budget has been agreed between us.

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